Sugar Baby Conversationalist: Letting Yourself Shine

While looks certainly come into play for sugar dating they won’t get you farther than a profile view without strong conversational skills! It might seem intimidating to launch into a conversation with someone that may seem so different from you, but you probably have more in common than you think! Here are some topics to get you started, or to keep in mind to patch up a lull in the conversation. Hot tip-leave your phone in your bag for the entirety of the date! Not only is this good etiquette, it shows your sugar daddy you care about getting to know him and being present for your time together.

1. The Trip
An excellent bonus of meeting POTs through Sugar Vacay is that you already have something to bond over: the much anticipated trip! If you’ve already selected your adventure, this is a wonderful conversation starter; talk about what you’re looking forward to, what you’re hoping to experience, or even what to pack. Bear in mind, if you haven’t selected a trip yet this may come across as presumptuous. If it’s in the early stages of your encounter it’s best to stick with the topics discussed below (unless of course, he brings it up first!).

2. Their Sugaring Experience
Who doesn’t love a good (bad?) date story? POTs are always curious what it’s like on the other side, and I’m sure you are too! Don’t get too nosy, but asking about their past sugaring experiences can lead to some fun common ground (and great stories). This can also be a great way to find out how experienced a potential daddy is with the wonderful world of sugaring and whether you two are well-suited for an arrangement of your own.

3. Travel Experiences
Another topic that comes built into the platform is your mutual love of travel! Even if you haven’t selected a trip yet (or even started that conversation) you know you both love to explore and experience new places, people, food, etc. Chances are your potential sugar daddy has some wild travel stories up his sleeve, and maybe you do too! Sharing travel experiences is not only an excellent conversation topic, it also highlights how much fun you could have together and how travel-compatible you are. Maybe you both dream of riding an elephant- or exploring a fjord! Size up whether they like a relaxed beachside vacation or a wild adventure- even compare spice tolerance! This is a great opportunity to get to know your potential sugar daddy and see how well suited you two really are.

4. Ask Them Questions
This is first date 101- ask them about themselves. Everyone loves showing themselves off to a brand new person, and sugar daddies aren’t immune to flattery! He’s put in lots of time and effort to become the man he is today and more often than not, he’ll be happy to talk about his professional life and business ventures. Who knows, maybe you can learn something from his life experience. Of course- don’t forget about hobbies! While work may take up the majority of his time, that might not be what’s in his heart. Ask him about what he does for fun- what he does with his hard earned days off can show you what he really cares about.


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