Sugar Baby First Date Guide

So, you’ve chatted online, sent some cute selfies back and forth, gotten your best friends approval, it’s time for your first in-person date! This is the scariest (and most exciting!) part. It’s easy to be swept off your feet by an older successful man and forget that they’re a regular person who is probably just as nervous and excited to meet you. So, I’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to make any Sugar Vacay initial meet up as breezy as the destination you’re headed toward!

1. Get to Know Each Other Beforehand
Some babies like to meet right away- they don’t like chatting online and prefer to see if there’s physical chemistry right off the bat. However, that doesn’t work for everyone! If the sugar lifestyle is new for you I recommend taking the time to get to know your POT through online chatting, texting- even Skyping! Having a connection even before you meet will make the first date much more comfortable, like seeing a friend. This is also a good litmus test for your POT- is he willing to take the time to really get to know you? It’s worth it to find out, but don’t make the “get to know you” process too long- many daddies have very busy lives and might feel like you’re leading them on. A week or so of getting to know each other is a good middle ground for nervous babies- but remember, you’re a smart, interesting megababe and worth the time!

2. Take Your Time Getting Ready
This isn’t just for him (though he’ll appreciate it too)- taking the time to make yourself look amazing often makes you feel amazing too! There’s no feeling quite like arriving to meet someone in person and seeing how you take their breath away- and truly, the look on their face will make the liquid eyeliner ordeal well worth it. You know how they say getting there is half the fun? The same is true for first dates- blast some Mariah or early Whitney Houston and have fun making yourself the ultimate bombshell. Now’s the time to pull out that dress that makes you feel like your life is a Beyonce music video, or try the smokey eye makeup tutorial you’ve been eyeing. Channel your ultimate babe and have fun with it!

3. Acknowledge the Nerves Ahead of Time
You’ve probably been talking and getting to know each other a little before this meet up- it may seem silly to admit that you’re nervous to meet them, but chances are they’re feeling the same way! Acknowledging the jitters (and excitement) beforehand not only clears the air, it provides a nice little ego boost too (don’t we all like giving people butterflies). Making a lighthearted joke about it early on in the date also works- it clears the air and makes way for wonderful conversation and connection, and lets your POT know that even hot, interesting bombshells are human too 😉

4. Have Some Conversation Topics in Your Back Pocket
I truly believe the most important quality for a sugar baby is conversational skills. Nothing (well, almost nothing) is worse than a first date with long, awkward pauses. Have some topics to bring up while on the date to ward off any awkwardness- this is a great resource for tips on sugar baby first date conversational skills . Great conversations may seem natural, but the skills required take work! It’s worth some minor preparation to show off the sparkling, engaging sugar baby you are.

5. Relax- You Got This!
Remember, you are both just two people who want to get to know each other. Relax and have fun! Meeting POTs is an incredibly interesting experience, even if you don’t end up being compatible. It’s fascinating meeting someone who is different from your usual peer group- someone who has more experience and a wider perspective. Enjoy the date for its face value of getting to know someone new, and everything else will fall into place. You got this!

Any other questions about your upcoming first date? Feel free to post them in the comment section!


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