Managing More Than One Arrangement

It is important to note that every single sugar baby has their own goal within the sugar bowl and thus their own reasons for joining in the first place. While some may see themselves staying in the sugar bowl for a very long time others may not, and both timelines are completely reasonable. This is one of the reasons why some sugar babies decide to have more than one sugar daddy. If you don’t plan on staying very long then you’ll probably want to maximize as much as possible, and if you do plan on staying then you may be more keen to only have one sugar daddy at a time. Either way both options are completely fine, but having experienced juggling more than one arrangement I do have some tips.

  • You should be upfront that you are looking for more than one arrangement. Some sugar daddies are completely fine with this as they probably have more than one sugar baby too, while others may not be so cool with it. If it turns out that your sugar daddy is not cool with you seeing other sugar daddies then the two of you need to have a discussion to see if you can resolve it. My advice if he’s requesting that he’s your only sugar daddy then you should ask the same of him that you’re his only sugar baby. Then if the two of you can’t come to a resolution then I would cut ties. Clearly not meant to be at that point.
  • Now I’ve never done this next point, but I can imagine it would be very complicated. I would suggest not planning two meet ups in the same day with two different sugar daddies. That could just get messy and confusing. I would avoid at all costs. Now, I have met two POTs in the same day, but they were just short get to know you coffee meets. Those are definitely easier to manage.
  • If you plan on being intimate with your sugar daddies you should of course be using protection. This applies to whether you just have one or a few. Chances are if he’s okay with you having multiple SDs then he probably has at least more than one SB, so use condoms. I use both the birth control pill and condoms, and I make sure to bring condoms when I meet up with my SD because even if you have discussed using condoms and he forgets to bring he may think it’s fine to just forgo them. Let me tell you, it’s not fine. So always be prepared and go to meet ups prepped. If an SD is being difficult about the condom discussion then lay it out for him. Either you guys use protection, or you’re no longer interested. Your health isn’t worth the risk.

I would say that those are my top tips. If you have any burning questions regarding the topic feel free to leave a comment and I will reply as soon as possible!


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