My First Sugar Traveling Experience

Being a 21-year-old university student, I like many others am always struggling to make ends meet.   What’s more is when you have the workload that I have during the year, as most other students have, you yearn to get away on a really awesome vacation when you have some down time. However, this is when reality sets in. I cannot afford the luxury of a vacation to anywhere exotic. It’s not even remotely in the cards for me unless I were to win the lottery, which is not happening anytime soon.

While venting about my craving to just go away on a vacation a good friend of mine told me about a couple of Sugar Travel websites. Before this scenario I had never even heard about it. Now, I was not in the Sugar Baby lifestyle, but I had friends who had been and had nothing but good things to say about it.  I myself just didn’t have the courage to get on one of those sites, and I didn’t think I would have the time to meet with someone that often to make a Sugar Daddy happy in a traditional Sugar Daddy relationship. Granted, the money sure would have helped!

But the idea of traveling really intrigued me, but traveling with a complete stranger made me nervous to the extreme. I mean, what if this man took me somewhere and just left me abandoned without any money in a strange country. What if he was a creep and treated me poorly? I’m sure you can just imagine the thoughts in my head. This is when my friend directed me to a site where you don’t travel alone, and in fact travel with other Sugar Couples.  They also do a background check on the men.

So I took the plunge. I signed up and created a profile. Creating the profile was a little stressful because I thought how do I get a man to be interested in me when they have so many other girls to choose from.  I wrote my profile. I talked about my likes and dislikes and that I had never done this before. I actually thought my Profile sounded a little boring, but up it went.

Well, within the first couple of hours of posting my profile I had at least 5 to 10 men write to me. I was somewhat shocked. And the third guy who wrote to me I admit was very interested. He was older, but he was handsome and seemed nice. He was 47, and recently divorced. He said he loved to travel, but over the last few years had not traveled since he was single and refused to travel alone. He also said he was new to this and was nervous about meeting a girl he did not know, as he thought it could make things slightly awkward.

So here we were two absolute newbies to Sugar Traveling both nervous, but excited about the opportunity to travel together. We talked often and we did several video chats, which I would say is a must when doing this. I will not travel with someone without doing that first. We both got along right away.

Once we were both sure that we wanted to move forward he booked the tickets for us. We were going to Riviera Maya to a 5-star resort. I had never been there and had never been to a 5-star resort before.  I admit, I was so excited, and I wasn’t nervous about traveling with him. Again, I can’t stress enough about the frequent communication.

Before you know it, our travel date had arrived and off I went to the airport. I actually flew to his city, so we could travel together. We met for the first time at the airport. Meeting each other face to face was almost surreal, but there was no awkwardness. We hugged and I gave him a kiss on the cheek, which I thought was appropriate. We actually had about 3 hours to kill before our flight and went to the lounge and got something to eat.  What was very appropriate was just after sitting down he said, “I hope you don’t mind, but after talking to you so often and feeling quite close to you, I was wondering if it would be okay if I were to give you a kiss.” Now, I am not into PDA, and he was aware of that and he told me that he was also not.  But given our circumstances and the fact that I wanted to kiss him too I agreed. So we had our first kiss in the lounge at the airport. It was super nice and sweet.

Now it was boarding time and off to the resort we went. When we got to the resort we were both so happy. This will sound cheesy, but I think we both felt like newlyweds. Well, at least I did. It felt like this was a honeymoon vacation and I was with my perfect man. When we got to our room we did like all honeymooners do. It was the sweetest time ever! I should say there is no way that would have happened if again we hadn’t become so close through our long distance communication. But everything seemed so natural and right. After the kiss at the airport I couldn’t wait to kiss him again, so I actually initiated everything.

So the rest of the week together was absolute perfection. We enjoyed every moment together at the resort. It was both romantic and exciting. We were both totally into each other. And let’s just say that our nights ended in heated passion.

We got some interesting looks from some people because of our age difference. I mean, this was something I was nervous about going into this, but while with him I didn’t care! I didn’t know any of these people, so I took the who cares approach. It almost got to the point where when I noticed people staring at us I just laughed inside and held him even more closely to me.

At the end of the day, this vacation with this man, my Travel Sugar Daddy, was one I will never forget. It was everything and more than I could have imagined it would be. I said the resort was 5-star, but my Sugar Traveling experience was 5-star Plus!

I can’t wait for my next Sugar Travel experience!


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