When A Sugar Daddy Is Not What He Seems

I had been on a Sugar Daddy site for roughly a little over a month, and although meeting some decent men, I hadn’t been able to connect with one I would consider to be the so called ‘perfect’ Sugar Daddy.  I was starting to lose hope wondering if I would ever come across this type of Sugar Daddy. I mean, the guys I were meeting were just looking for sex, which is not really what I think the full Sugar Daddy experience is. Let’s just say I wasn’t having much luck.

Just when I was thinking of taking a break from the website I was on I met a gentleman named Josh. He was 38-years-old, single, and good looking. We exchanged several messages and we felt that we connected well.

As such Josh invited me to a really nice restaurant for dinner. When I arrived at the restaurant there was Josh sitting at a table, and I could see that he had a flower box beside him. I blushingly introduced myself to him and Josh being a total gentleman stood up to greet me, and then came around to hold my chair for me while I sat down. When he sat back down Josh presented me with flowers.

After two bottles of wine and a three hour dinner full of delightful conversation, I would say things were going quite well. Josh said he was so happy with me and that he adored everything about me. He said he wanted me to be his SB. Now, it didn’t take me long to accept because I really liked him. He was all class, and Sugar Daddy or not, he is someone I would totally date. The conversation continued, and he even invited me on a ski vacation to Whistler.

He also asked what I was doing that upcoming Friday and asked if I would like to go watch shopping with him. He said he needed a new watch, but that we could also shop for a watch for me. Then he started talking about an allowance. He told me that I would never have to worry about paying any bills again, and that he would also give me a financial gift that was quite large whenever I asked him for it.

At that point I was thinking I must have been dreaming because here sitting across from me was the Sugar Daddy I had dreamed about and always desired. I was so happy and I couldn’t wait to do all of the fun things we planned together.

After dinner we went outside to his car and we shared a very romantic kiss. It was actually our second kiss, as during dinner he reached across the table and kissed me. It was actually quite cold outside, so he suggested that since we both enjoyed kissing each other so much that we should probably go in his car.   Now I am not one who will just jump in a stranger’s car, but this seemed all very harmless. After all, he had been the perfect gentleman, and plus I was now going to be his Sugar Baby!

So in the car we go, and we continue to kiss. The kissing I admit was quite passionate and we steamed up the windows completely. I was feeling so happy and comfortable with him. Then the kissing became more than kissing. I am not denying that I was an equal participant because I was. We didn’t go all the way, but let’s just say I ended our date with a ‘happy oral ending’. Off we went after our little play in the car. However, before he left he told me he would call me in the morning to set things up for the Friday.

As most Sugar Babies will do, for those who have friends who know about their lifestyle choice, I called my friends immediately and told them about my luck. I told them just how wonderful Josh was and how wonderful the dinner and date was. I also shared what he had committed to me and that he asked me to be his Sugar Baby. I even mentioned the ski trip. It is fair to say that I was on Cloud 9!

Then things took a turn the next morning. I never heard from Josh, and I was a little concerned as he had promised to call in the morning. I knew he was busy with his business, and I didn’t want to be that Sugar Baby who would be annoying by calling. I really didn’t want to be that girl.

However, at 11:30 I was concerned, and yes I became that girl because I called. Josh actually answered and this is where he dropped the bombshell on me. He confessed that he was not actually single and that he was married. He said his wife had picked up his phone and had seen the messages between the two of us, and that he needed to immediately end things with me and that I couldn’t call anymore.

How wonderful. I mean, there went Josh and there went someone paying my bills and just looking after me. There went the Ski trip to Whistler. It was not a fun time to be me at this point. Yes, I felt stupid about what happened as I fully believed him. I know anyone who has fallen victim to any lie and taken the bait will understand the feeling I had of being so foolish. It was not a good feeling.

Honestly, I am writing this story for the rest of you, so that I hope none of you ever end up in the same situation.  You see, I know that if I was not promised ‘the moon’ by this polite conman that I never would have stepped foot in his car let alone provide Josh with the pleasure I gave him. I have come to realize that Josh is nothing but a conman, and this is his sick way of getting women to please him with the promise of a much better and worry free life.

So my advice to all of you is to be careful and don’t believe everything these Sugar Daddies tell you. I am not saying that all Sugar Daddies are liars, as this is clearly not the case. But just try not to get carried away too soon with someone and their promises until you see some sort of proof. Ladies, there are snakes out there everywhere, and as Sugar Babies we need to do our best to avoid these snakes and report them whenever you can, which is what I did for Josh.

Now, just to prove that there are really good Sugar Daddies out there I can tell you that I now have a great Sugar Daddy. He is a true gentleman and we connect very well. This Sugar Daddy has offered me pretty much everything Josh offered me the only difference is that it’s real this time.

So Sugar Babies dreams do come true. Just be careful!




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