What Does Mutually Beneficial Actually Mean?

You’ll hear this term a lot in the Sugar Bowl. It’s usually either followed by the word arrangement or relationship. What it comes down to though is that it’s a ‘You help me, I help you’ type of exchange. Each arrangement is different depending on what the two parties are looking for. Sometimes a SD is just looking for companionship, and sometimes he’s looking for something more intimate. Just remember that both parties must agree on the terms of the arrangement. Don’t ever agree to something you’re not truly comfortable with.

Here are the top benefits of being in a mutually beneficial arrangement:

  • Honesty and Openness

There’s no reason to not be honest is a MB arrangement because it’s not like a typical relationship. There is no lying and distrust between a SD and his SB. It’s also important to be very honest and open in your profile and when talking with potential SDs. If your potential SD asks what you’re looking for in an arrangement give him a clear and honest answer. If he changes his mind then it wasn’t meant to be. Don’t beat around the bush in these types of situations.

  • No Strings Attached & Drama-Free Relationship

These are the most popular phrases that you’re going to see in people’s profiles and that you might even use in your own. Majority of people on a Sugar dating site are looking for a NSA relationship because they just don’t want the commitment that regular types of relationships require. Also most SDs want a drama-free relationship with their SB. A mutually beneficial relationship holds a lot of freedom for both parties.



What is your experience with mutually beneficial arrangements? Let us know in the comments section!


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