Top 5 Activities to do While on a Tropical Vacation

Going on a tropical vacation is always so much fun! Here are 5 activity ideas that you can do while on your vacation with your Sugar Daddy.


  1. Work on Your Tan!

There’s nothing more relaxing than laying on a lounge chair and having a drink within reach. Forget that time exists and let those everyday worries float away. Enjoy your time in the sun. After all, you don’t want to go home looking the same as you did when you left, but most importantly don’t forget to apply sunscreen. The sun rays are harsh when there aren’t any clouds in the sky to shield you. Ask your Sugar Daddy to help you get the hard to reach places, and be sure to reciprocate for him as well.


  1. Go Snorkeling

You’re by the ocean, so take advantage of it! Go look for some tropical fish, and while you’re at it bring along an underwater camera and take some pictures. There’s nothing more fun than being on the water for the entire day. This also makes for a great activity to do with your Sugar Daddy.


  1. Catch Up on Your Reading

Bring along a book that you’ve been dying to read or finish. I guarantee you’ll enjoy finishing that book a lot more as you’re stretched out on a lounge chair on the beach.


  1. Go Exploring Off the Resort

This of course is only if it’s safe to do so. Make sure to research your destination to find out whether it is safe to step off the resort before your departure. If it is safe to go then be sure to go check out local stores and restaurants. You’ll taste authentic foods, and be able to buy souvenirs that aren’t the generic things you’ll find at the resort gift shop. Never go off the resort alone, so be sure your Sugar Daddy tags along.


  1. Watch the Sunrises and Sunsets

Nothing is better than watching the sunrise or sunset while at the beach. Be sure to bring your camera because that will make for some beautiful pictures! This is also a great bonding experience for you and your Sugar Daddy.



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