Terms Everyone in the Sugar Bowl Should Know

Diving into the sugar world and understanding the language always takes some getting used to, but here is a helpful guide for anyone who is just starting out on their sugar adventure.


SB: Sugar Baby

SD: Sugar Daddy

SM: Sugar Mommy

SC: Sugar Couple

SR: Sugar Relationship

POT:  Short for Potential – A potential SD/SM/SC that you’ve been chatting with, but have not yet met in person, or are currently discussing an arrangement with.

NSA: No Strings Attached – A type of relationship that leaves out any feelings or emotions that would disturb the arrangement. This is a very popular choice for most SRs.

FWB: Friends with Benefits – Another type relationship that is simply just based off of casual sex.

PPM: Pay Per Meet – This is the first step to getting an allowance. Typically, SDs/SMs will start off with PPM and then after a few weeks or so, once trust has been established all parties involved can discuss an appropriate allowance. *Note if an SD/SM offers to automatically start off with an allowance without even meeting you be skeptical. Do not give out your bank information without forming a proper connection and meeting in person.

LTA: Long Term Arrangement – An arrangement that lasts more than 6 months.

STA: Short Term Arrangement – An arrangement that lasts less than 6 months.



Sugar Bowl: Term to describe the Sugar lifestyle.

Arrangement: A discussed relationship between a SD or SM (benefactor) and a Sugar Baby or Sugar Pup. The benefactor agrees to financially assist the Sugar Baby/Pup in return for companionship. The terms of the arrangement are openly stated at the beginning and agreed upon by both parties. In an arrangement everyone gets exactly what they want.

Allowance: A financial amount set by the SD given to the SB on a either a weekly or a monthly basis. For the most part an allowance is given on a monthly basis, and is only given when trust is formed between the two parties involved.

Sugar Pup: This term is sometimes used to refer to a male Sugar Baby. Sugar Pups have increased in popularity in response to the rise of SMs getting into the Sugar Bowl.

Splenda Daddy/Mommy: Used to describe a man/woman who wants to be a SD/SM, but doesn’t quite have the steady funds to do so. A great friendship can be formed, but don’t expect all the extra luxury with this type of SD/SM.

Salty Daddy/Mommy: A fake SD/SM. Someone who pretends to be generous or wealthy. Once you realize that they’re a fake be sure to get out of that arrangement as fast as possible.

Sugar Traveler: A Sugar Baby/Pup whose passion is to travel. They use sugar dating sites to find SDs/SMs who want to take them on lavish vacations.



Did we miss any terms that you’re not sure about? Write them down in the comment section and we’ll be sure to let you know!


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