My First Sugar Experience as a Submissive

I’m not one who usually participates in writing blog stories, but after my most recent adventure I had to share my personal story from a most recent Sugar experience. It started somewhat by surprise, as I was already on a regular Sugar Daddy site and was looking forward to meeting local Sugar Daddies for dating. Then one day, a friend introduced me to a Sugar Travel site. I spent some time looking at the site, and then visions of me traveling to some tropical and beautiful destination got the best of me and I signed up.

Yes, I come across as the girl next door who is pure and innocent to a fault I suppose, but that is my exterior. A few years ago, I entered into my own version of 50 Shades of Grey, as an older gentleman I dated introduced me to the world of being a submissive.

Within minutes of signing up to this Sugar Travel site I was getting loads of responses from men from all around the world asking to take me away to really cool sounding vacations. Then I got a message from a man, who noticed in my Profile that I said I was submissive. This man said he was wondering if I would be interested in getting together with not just him, but his wife as well and if I would act as their submissive. They were from California, and they offered for a first encounter to come up here to Toronto to meet me for dinner, and then take it from there.

At first, I thought that they probably weren’t serious, but we exchanged numbers and I received 2 numbers, one from each of them. We started texting immediately, and they started into the submissive discussion right away.

First, I had to call him Daddy, and her Ma’am. With each text, they required me to address them that way. And they called me Slut Girl. Usually it was like dirty little Slut Girl. Over text between the two of them, they laid out exactly how the night and morning would go, and what I would do to both of them and what they were going to do to me. In one message she wrote and said that, “Daddy always wakes with morning wood, and I want you to go and fetch him coffee and bring it to him and then get down on your knees and take care of him”. I would write more, but I am not sure if it would be approved for this blog!  But trust me it got much hotter!

Now, here was my dilemma and I couldn’t let them know this, but I had no experience with a woman. I couldn’t dare tell them this, because I thought it may cause them to lose interest in me as their Submissive Slut Girl. I was worried as to whether or not I could pull this off.

Finally, on a Thursday about a week after first talking and exchanging many texts and photos, it was their arrival day. We met at a nice restaurant just by the airport. I was half surprised that they actually showed up, as there was a side of me who questioned whether they would actually get on a plane from California and travel all the way to see me in Toronto. But there they were.

What was funny to me was just how polite they were. Having received a week’s worth of texts from them that were so demanding I was slightly surprised by this. The couple were in their 50s and they were just two very cool people looking to share a new experience together. And I was their new experience, as they had not done this before. Something else that came out over dinner was the fact that Ma’am had also never been with a woman and she admitted to being quite nervous, but also very excited. They really were super nice people!

After we were all comfortable with each other, which was about midway through dinner they got into character and I became Slutty Girl to them. I had to answer everything as “Yes, Daddy” and “Yes, Ma’am”.

When dinner finished we went to their hotel room. It was a suite, so there were separate rooms, and of course a room where I could prepare coffee for them both in the morning! The very first thing they had me do was to take a bath with Ma’am. This was so fun and I instantly became comfortable.

From there the rest went to script from their texts. They really had everything planned out. I was their Slutty Girl and we had the most wonderful night together. This type of experience may not be for everyone, but for me it is so out of character that this added to the excitement.

One thing I will say that as a submissive it doesn’t mean that you have weak character and that you just obey and do what the world tells you to do. To me it is actually the opposite because to submerge yourself into being a submissive, I believe you must have a very strong character and a character where you can put your total trust into someone, or in this case a couple. The night for me was a total success and I know it was for them as well.

In two weeks I am actually flying down to California to see them. They want to see me monthly, and honestly I really like these people and the fun we have behind closed doors is really something I enjoy!

If you have never tried the role of a submissive, as long as you have a strong character, I say try it.  You may be very surprised at just how much you enjoy it. Just remember, you need to trust the person, or people you are with!



Has anyone else tried the submissive lifestyle while sugaring? How did it go?



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