Sugar Daddy Perspective: Separating Emotions When Sugaring

I am a 49-year-old man who has been divorced for a couple of years now, and I have decided to take the plunge back into the world of dating and intimacy. I won’t tell you how long it had been since I had been intimate with someone, but let’s just say if you knew the number you might find it shocking.

Now, I wouldn’t mind finding another companion the old fashioned way, but I have found I have a bit of an issue. Call it midlife crisis or whatever, but I am not even remotely attracted to women around my age. I find myself only attracted to women in their early 20s.

As you can guess, there aren’t tons of 20 year olds who are just dying to be in a relationship with a 49-year-old. No matter how great I am!  Okay, a little too modest as well.

So this is when I decided I should join a Sugar Daddy site if I wanted intimacy back in my life.

As such, I joined a site about 4 months ago, and wow at first it was just so overwhelming. I mean there were so many girls who were messaging me. And I also spent a great deal of time messaging girls who I was interested in. This for those who have not tried it is a very time consuming process.

However, I did start corresponding with girls who were interested in meeting. I did meet several of them, and once getting to know them more I was intimate with a few of them. Sounds like things were going pretty good, right? Well, you would think so…

Here’s the problem. First, the intimacy was never any good because the whole time I kept thinking to myself that these girls aren’t here because they like me. I mean, in general they like me, they find me to be a nice man, and I think did enjoy my company, but they were intimate with me simply because of the allowance I was providing. I couldn’t get these thoughts out of my head, and I knew it was true.

So I am not sure how other men on these sites do this because I had a very difficult time dealing with this. It just didn’t feel real. I thought it was me and because I was out of practice, but after thinking about it I knew this was not the case. It was my brain getting in the way.

Plus, these girls I met became my friends and they would often tell me about meeting up with other SDs for safety reasons. However, this made me jealous even though I knew it shouldn’t.  We were not together in a real relationship. So I had no right to be jealous, but I was and I was having a difficult time dealing with these emotions.

So there lies my problem. I get too attached to people! It wasn’t until I realized what the Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationship was all about that now I have come to terms with it, and now enjoy myself.

Just the other day I met a new Sugar Baby and I told myself that I was just going to enjoy myself and not think about emotions and relations with this girl. This girl was super nice, and I was her first Sugar Daddy. So maybe this added to it because for once I was the more experienced one.

Whatever the reason I didn’t get lost in my thoughts and had the absolute best time and sex with this girl. We now hangout often and sometimes go play pool. The other girls I was with probably thought I was a complete dud when it came to sex because I couldn’t get into it. But there were no dud problems with this girl because it was amazing on both ends. I finally cracked the Sugar Daddy code and understood to leave the emotions at home. We can’t wait to see each other again, and as a man it is good to know that you aren’t a dud in the bedroom. What made it better as well was that she was totally into everything as well. The other girls I had been with were kind of boring, and you could tell they were just going through the routine. Not very exciting.

So ladies, when you are with your Sugar Daddy, you need to just let yourself go and try not to fake it.   Your Sugar Daddy will be able to tell and it will ruin the experience for both of you.

Well I am far from a Sugar Daddy expert, but I now feel I have conquered the emotions and attachment demons. Now this lifestyle will be sort of what the doctor ordered for me. I can’t wait to meet many more wonderful Sugar Babies!




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