Welcome to Sugar Traveling!

Sugar Babies, are you tired of looking at profiles on Sugar sites that claim they’ll take you on business trips with them, or even on vacation, but they never follow through?Sugar Daddies, Mamas, and Couples, have you been scammed in the past from Sugar Babies who say they’ll book the ticket once you send the money, but then you never end up hearing from them once you do?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then come join us and be a Sugar Traveler on SugarVacay.com!

Finding your dream SugarVacay is easy. Similar to other Sugar sites, you browse the listings looking for your Traveling Sugar Daddy, or you look for your fun and beautiful Sugar Baby to join you on your dream Vacay.

What makes us stand out from our competitors is that the traveling you do with SugarVacay will be solely in groups. So you’ll have the opportunity to meet other Sugar Babies, Daddies, Mamas, and Couples from all around the world while on your vacay. We think this is a much safer option because if anything were to happen you wouldn’t be alone while traveling, as you would be on other travel companion websites.

Another difference is that the trips are booked through us, so the trip is completely guaranteed to happen once booked. We don’t like the idea of one person being in charge to book the trip, as a number of safety issues could go wrong.

It gets even better. As part of the SugarVacay trip costs, each Sugar Daddy will be asked to submit to a standard police background check. The fees for this will be covered by SugarVacay, as we want to ensure to the best of our ability the safety of all travelers to our vacation destinations.

Also never stress about receiving an allowance again! Each Sugar Baby will have the option to choose multiple travel options when they are setting up their Profile, in terms of Travel Allowance expectations*.

The choices are as follows:

  • Just a free trip
  • $500 for the week
  • $1000 for the week
  • $1500 for the week
  • $2000 for the week

These travel allowances are built into the trip cost and will be paid by SugarVacay.com at the end of the week. Just imagine never having to wonder if your Sugar Daddy will come through with that gift like he promised. We take that wonder away at SugarVacay.

At SugarVacay our aim is to take the fear, the scamming, and the risk out of Sugar Traveling! Sugar Traveling can be a blast if it is done properly. At SugarVacay we want to bring proper Sugar Traveling to you.

And keep in mind, why just book one SugarVacay per year when there are so many trips to choose from!


SugarVacay.com will be launching March 1st, 2017**. So stay tuned!






*These additional fees are simply wishes for a Travel Allowance to go with the free trip. Like other Sugar Daddy sites, SugarVacay is not a home for escorts and these Travel Allowances are not for Escort Services.  

**Date subject to change.


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