Sugar Babies Always Be Cautious

I am hard working University student, who like many have struggled during my studies to make ends meet. I was introduced to the Sugar Baby lifestyle about 3 months ago, and have explored my first Sugar experiences with some local Sugar Daddies. My experiences for the most part were quite good and I enjoyed the people I was meeting.

As a result of mostly positive experiences, I explored the lifestyle in more detail and stumbled upon a traveling companion/dating website. This website linked Sugar Daddy travelers with Sugar Babies like myself, with the promise of exotic travel and fun times.

Now being a student the last time I had been anywhere, excluding traveling back home for holidays, was probably when I was 17 years old, and went on a Spring Break trip down south with my parents and younger brother. So really it’s been a while.

But traveling while in school is not even remotely a reality. So when I came upon this particular travel site and was literally within minutes of my profile going live being offered trips to places all around the world, I must admit I got very excited.

Now I like to think I’m a cautious person and I knew traveling with a complete stranger to a foreign country would bring with it some definite potential risks. This part of Sugar Travel made me very nervous. Because of this I tried to focus my attention on local people who were traveling, so that we could get to know each other before our trip, and hopefully go out a few times in advance just to gain a comfort level with each other.

Almost immediately I found what I thought was the perfect person. This gentleman was in his mid-30s and stated in his profile that he was booked to go a to a family destination wedding and desperately did not want to travel alone. He was going to Cuba for this wedding. I thought, how much safer can it be to travel with a person, who will be with his family on a destination wedding vacation. I thought I had my Sugar Daddy traveler.

What was great was we started interacting right away, and right from the beginning we connected. The conversation flowed easily immediately and we couldn’t wait to meet each other.

We finally picked a day to meet, and at our first meeting things went great. We got along really well. He was not forward, no suggestions of sex, and we really just had a great time. The only thing that worried me a little bit was when I asked him if he had booked our trip yet, as at this point he had asked me to come. He told me that the resort was already booked, and that it would be cheaper for him to book by last minute airfare. I was slightly doubtful, but truthfully he seemed like a very honest person and I believed him.

So we went out a couple of more times, and this is when the dilemma started. We were getting quite close, which was good, yet also bad. It got to a point where we were at his condo, and things were getting quite intimate. I really have no other way to put this, but let’s just say, I was not completely ready to have sex with him. However, he kept trying to persuade me and I never thought that I would think this way, but I really was excited about going on this trip and I didn’t want to come across the wrong way by not going along with him, and so we had sex. This wasn’t the only time either because we met a few more times and we had sex each time. Now, why did I continue to see him? It’s simple. I liked him and he was a good guy.

However, it was now 1 week to the wedding and he out of the blue stopped calling me. He blocked me on the website, so I signed up under a fake account and saw he was there. Not only was he there, but the dates of his planned holiday had changed by about 6 weeks. It seems this was his way to get girls into bed with him. It made me feel horrible inside because I thought I had taken every precaution possible. In the end I ended up reporting him to the website.

So I write this experience in hopes that it brings awareness that there are people out there who do this. And just remember if you do not want to or do not feel comfortable having sex with someone then you have every right to say no. Your clothes could be half off, but you can still change your mind and say no.

Plus, now I know better to look only on Sugar Travel sites where the Sugar Daddies have to book their travel plans through the site and both Sugar Travel partners are notified of the booking. A site like does this, and from now on this is the only Sugar Travel site I will be spending time on.



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